Emma Wheatley here, owner, founder, photographer at Rose Wheat Photography. I'm a self-proclaimed at-home barista, follower of Jesus Christ, and proud fur-momma to my shelter-sweetie Sis (a mixed mutt of mysterious origins).  As a photographer, YouTuber, passionate bruncher, and purveyor of botanical gardens, I live my life in an adventurously calm way (can I get an amen from the indoors-loving introverts?!).

Embracing the Kansas life in the state capital, I travel near and far to share the stories of the biggest milestones in peoples' lives. Whether you're exchanging your vows on a mountain, snuggling your little ones at home, or growing in your professional life--you can rest assured that I'll cry when you cry, laugh when you laugh, and um, watch when you dance!

So here's a virtual hug (*hug!!*) and a hot beverage (*sip!!*) to welcome you to Rose Wheat Photography! Thanks for stopping by, and don't forget to grab a mint on your way out!


From the tropics to the tundra, I've been honored to serve clients near and far! Use the contact form below that best suits your needs. For all other inquiries, simply e-mail me (Emma) at hello@rosewheat.com.

I can't wait to hear your story!