Emma Wheatley here, owner, founder, photographer, and maid at Rose Wheat Photography. I'm convinced that coffee causes the sun to rise and that happiness is made by snuggling with my shelter-sweetie Sis.

For the moment I'm embracing the Kansas life on the prairie while I travel near and far to share the unseen stories of the biggest milestones in peoples' lives, through the excessive use of smiley faces & exclamation points. As a photographer, YouTuber, and traveler, you can be guaranteed that I'll cry when you cry, laugh when you laugh, and... watch when you dance (with camera in tow)! Don't worry, though! I can shoot through tears, and I won't sob too loudly while you're exchanging your vows. ;) 

So here's a virtual hug (*hug!!*) and a hot beverage (*sip!!*) to welcome you to Rose Wheat Photography! Thanks for stopping by, and don't forget to grab a mint on your way out!



From sweeping landscapes to cozy venues, I'm pleased as pie to serve local, destination, and international clients!
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