Emma Wheatley here, owner, founder, photographer at Rose Wheat Photography. I'm a self-proclaimed at-home barista, who is caught religiously brewing pour-overs, and snuggling my fur-child, Sis.  As a photographer, YouTuber, passionate bruncher, and purveyor of botanical gardens, I live my life in an adventurously calm way.

Embracing the Kansas life in the state capital, I travel near and far to share the stories of the biggest milestones in peoples' lives. Whether you're exchanging your vows on a mountain, snuggling your little ones at home, or growing in your professional life--you can rest assured that I'll cry when you cry, laugh when you laugh, and um, watch when you dance!

So here's a virtual hug (*hug!!*) and a hot beverage (*sip!!*) to welcome you to Rose Wheat Photography! Thanks for stopping by, and don't forget to grab a mint on your way out!



From sweeping landscapes to cozy venues, I'm pleased as pie to serve local, destination, and international clients!
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